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At Pulseer we are passionate about water and the freedom it offers. Our mission is to make this freedom accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone should enjoy the experience of gliding across the water and we are proud to deliver products that make this experience possible.

Quality and innovation

Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of our brand. Our e-foils are manufactured with the utmost precision and care to ensure an optimal driving experience. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and offer our customers the best of the best.


At Pulseer, we are not only committed to delivering great products, but also to providing world-class customer service. Our dedicated team is always available to answer questions, provide support and ensure every customer is satisfied with their e-foil experience.

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The quality and performance of the Pulseer E-Foils are simply unbeatable.

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S1/E standard
The world's first modular multi-purpose eFoil
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To maximize the lifespan of your e-foil, regular care is essential. After each use, you should rinse the board with fresh water to remove salt and dirt. Store your e-foil in a dry, shady place to avoid damage from UV radiation.

maintain properly

control unit

The control unit is the heart of your e-foil and gives you precise control over your ride. Start by placing the controller in the designated area of ​​the board. Then connect the cables according to the instructions, making sure that all connections are tight and correct.



Assembling your e-foil is a simple process that should be carried out with care. Start by assembling the foil and then attach it to the board. Make sure that all components are screwed tightly and that no parts wobble. Correct assembly ensures a safe and smooth ride on the water.

complete assembly
S1/E standard
S1/E standard
S1/E standard
S1/E standard
S1/E standard
S1/E standard
S1/E standard
S1/E standard
S1/E standard
S1/E standard

S1/E standard

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The E-Standard S1 electric surfboard caters to users of all levels, boasting a spacious and stable design that's beginner-friendly at 167cm x 72cm. Glide over the water for up to 120 minutes on a durable 42AH battery. With its robust construction weighing 80 pounds, it promises a safe and dependable water experience.

Carbon mast: 28" (71cm) / 36" (92cm)
Wing: Front wing 1300 / Rear wing 310
Board: Size:5'28"x28"
Volume 100 liters
Battery capacity: 42AH
Battery life: up to 120 min
Charging time: 150min
Top speed: 48 km/h (30mph)
Maximum output power: 5000w
Weight: 34.75 (with 13kg battery)

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The A1 E-Gla is the ideal board for beginners in the world of e-foiling. It is made of high quality FRP and makes the learning process very easy for beginners. With its sturdy construction, it offers comfort and is designed for high performance. It's the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to relearn the e-foil experience.


The S1 E-Standard and P1 E-Pro models are aimed at riders with experience on the water. The S1 offers a large deck area for early planing and easy pop-up, while remaining very maneuverable and easy to transport. The P1 is lighter, stronger and more responsive - perfect for experienced/lighter riders!


The U1 E-Ultra is designed for advanced riders who want to push their limits. It is the smallest board available and offers an enhanced experience on the water. Whether backflipping or looking for the ultimate adventure - the U1 is the right choice for real e-foil professionals and maneuvering artists.

E-FOIL 1x1

  1. Make sure you wear a life jacket and helmet .
  2. Start in shallow water to familiarize yourself with the board and remote control.
  3. First try standing on the board without using the foil function.
  4. Use the remote control to start slowly and get a feel for the board.
  5. Focus on maintaining your balance as the board gains speed.
  6. Once you feel confident, increase the speed until the board begins to foil - meaning it lifts off the water.
  7. Practice simple maneuvers like turns and changes of direction while on the foil.

our tips

  • Be Patient : E-foiling requires practice and patience. Don't expect to be a pro right away.
  • Baby steps : Start with short sessions and increase the duration as you feel more comfortable.
  • Safety awareness : Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid crowded or dangerous waters.
  • Willingness to learn : Be open to tips from experienced e-foilers and learn from your mistakes.
  • Relaxed posture : Keep your knees slightly bent and your body relaxed to better respond to board movements.
  • Look ahead : Focus on the horizon, not your feet, to maintain balance.

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Your questions

Pulseer is your partner for water sports. Whether it's about choosing the right e-foil or accessories, we have an answer to every question. Can't find an answer to your question? Then contact our customer service at any time!

An e-foil is an innovative form of water sports device that is an electrically powered hydrofoil surfboard. It combines electric propulsion technology with a hydrofoil, which allows the board to float over the surface of the water at a certain speed. This provides a unique gliding experience, almost as if you were flying. The electric drive means the E-Foil can be used regardless of waves or wind, making it a versatile option for water sports enthusiasts.

An e-foil is powered by an electric motor controlled by a remote control. The motor drives a propeller that moves the board forward. The foil under the board allows you to "float" over the water at a certain speed.

The speed of an e-foil can vary depending on the model and rider, but most e-foils can reach speeds of up to 25-35 km/h.

Yes, no problem at all. However, it is important to clean the e-foil thoroughly after using it in salt water to avoid corrosion.


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